I am an actor bravely embarking on some sort of career. Theatre, Film, TV, Web? Yes, please.

My favorite playwright is Artaud. My favorite movie is Fight Club. Best TV show is Stargate SG1.

I was born in Russia just after the Soviet collapse. My name betrays me as an ex-pat, but my voice does not. I grew up on the mean streets of West Hollywood.

“Television: Teacher, mother, secret lover” -Homer Simpson.

I moved back to LA after getting a BA in Fine Arts (photography) and one in Theatre Arts. A lot of double majors did Art and some other, actually useful major. Not me! I also tend to like to nerd out on both of these subjects, along with just general video game/sci fi/anime nerding.

I’m proud to say that I recently became a member of the Actors Gang┬átheatre company of Culver City. We use a unique Commedia Del Arte -inspired style of acting. I’m also creating my own original content for the web!