The New Colossus, a play directed by Tim Robbins

The New Colossus – A play directed by Tim Robbins about the refugee experiences of the last hundred years. Mashka portrayed her mother and told the true story of escaping Russia in the middle of the anti-Semitism and political and economic “shock therapy” of the 1990s. Along with the rest of the cast, she collaborated with the director to write and workshop the play. Ovation Recommended. The New Colossus toured South America in 2019 and toured the USA in early 2020.

Y2K Babes, Channel 101 winning web series

Y2K Babes – Starring, written, and produced by Mashka Wolfe and Jaden Lebel. A new media pilot about dating, mud men, eating ass, and feminism. Smart female millennial comedy with a glitchy edge. Official Selection Channel 101 Screening Los Angeles and is featured Little Black Dot’s Created by Women YouTube Channel.

Lonely In the Dusk, Dances with Films Official Selection

Lonely in the Dusk – Starring Mashka Wolfe, directed by Jacky Song. A short film set in the 1950s about a young woman who seeks to reconnect with her lover after getting released from a mental institution where she was involuntarily treated for homosexuality. Official Selection at Dances with Films and the Newport Beach Film Festival.

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The Young and the Restless

I am the Night


Jane the Virgin