Bellow you can find a sample of the work that Mashka has produced in the last few years, from music videos to short films and web series episodes.

Social Media

Mashka Wolfe has been creating social media content for brands since 2017, and is plugged into the current trends and styles of Instagram and TikTok content. Her production and copywriting skills allow her to create high quality, relatable content for almost any brand.


Mashka’s TikTok account is focused on Soviet Era films. She also educates her audience about what everyday life was like in the Soviet Union and dispels myths and misconceptions about communism while also warning people that the communist regime in the Soviet Union caused immeasurable suffering to its people.


Could people own property in the USSR?

♬ MYKEL MARS – Michael Ruland

The Caucasian Prisoner (or “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style) 1962, USSR

♬ original sound – Mashka Wolfe

Personal Instagram

Mashka’s personal Instagram account is focused on lifestyle and comedy content. She has made branded videos and posts for many brands, including Le Roche Posay, Versed, How to be a Redhead, Quil Fitness, GUD Designs, Golden Glow Tans, Cantiq, MVMT, Splendies, Woven Heart Clothing, and The Coldest Water.

Atacama Home Instagram

Samples of reels created for Atacama Home, a home decor studio specializing in handmade home decor made by artisans in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.