Latest episode of my webseries

Here’s episode 4 of my webseries, Lifelike. I wrote, produced, and am staring in it. It’s my favorite genre, science fiction, and it’s about robots and hackers and artificial intelligence in a dystopian future.

How to Make a Video Game Review

I tell you the secrets of making a video game review for use on YouTube, and review the new video game Evolve in the process. I’m so efficient and hilarious that it hurts.

My First Impressions of Armikrog

Are you ready to hear me ramble on about my first impressions of Armikrog? Settle in!

No More Russian James Bond Villains?!?!

Proof that my Russian accent is the best ever!

Watch me make Sushi with REAL Wasabi

Did you know that the wasabi that you get at a restaurant or at the store is actually just a mix of mustard, horseradish, and green food coloring? Watch the video and find out what real wasabi is!


My Mad Max Inspired Halloween Costume

Watch how I made my DIY Halloween costume of Imperator Furiosa from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

Making a Black Desert Character that Looks Like Me

This video is waaaay more popular than I anticipated. It’s now my second most popular video on the whole channel!

Noodle the Evil Soviet Cat

Here’s a video about my cat, Noodle, and what I imagine he is thinking about. He’s got a heavy Russian accent to complement his cute and fuzzy exterior.

Have you ever wondered what’s actually in a girl’s bag?

Have you ever wondered what’s actually in a girl’s purse?

Here they are, no product placement, just hilarity.

Photoshoot at the beach

Sometimes you just have to dance at the beach, am I right folks?