A Video Diary of my Trip to Paris

I pretty much shot all the stuff I liked and geeked out on in Paris. When, you know, I remembered to.

Avante Garde Photo Shoot


How I Play Video Games

Another video about how I play games. Do you do any of this?

Commedia del arte workshop


I played one of the lovers. Just simple, pretty stage makeup.

My Rambling about the new Godzilla movie

Marie Curie Costume


My Strangest Video Yet

If you like fuzzy animals and burnt toast, have I got a video for you!

Antigone workshop


I took the avante garde direction and ran with it. On second though maybe she didn’t say it, maybe I just heard what I wanted to hear.

What Facebook will do with Oculus Rift

Here’s my interpretation of what Facebook will do with virtual reality. Can you tell I don’t like buying clothes on the internet?

Ghost Sonatas Cross Dressing Edition


This time I played the student. I think I make a pretty hot dude, don’t you?