Making a Black Desert Character that Looks Like Me

This video is waaaay more popular than I anticipated. It’s now my second most popular video on the whole channel!

Noodle the Evil Soviet Cat

Here’s a video about my cat, Noodle, and what I imagine he is thinking about. He’s got a heavy Russian accent to complement his cute and fuzzy exterior.

Have you ever wondered what’s actually in a girl’s bag?

Have you ever wondered what’s actually in a girl’s purse?

Here they are, no product placement, just hilarity.

Photoshoot at the beach

Sometimes you just have to dance at the beach, am I right folks?


My video about comic books and perceptions

Lysistrata Publicity Photo

Lisystrata-509Lysistra opens on January 23!

It’s crunch time until then…

Photoshoot with Jenna Martin for the new year!

Happy New Year! My New Years resolution is to do more awesome photoshoots like this:

jenna1 Here’s a photo from my shoot with the amazing fine art photographer Jenna Martin. Check out her work at:

The Real Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Let’s take back the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope!

Rehearsing for Lysistrata

1393477_10152894139372112_3612324327577785114_nMerry Christmas everyone! Here’s a photo of me in my mask and costume rehearsing for Lysistrata at the Actors’ Gang. We are going up mid January!

That’s me in the middle, by the way ;)

Happy holidays!

IMG_5547What’s a single gal to do for the holidays? Make a Christmas card with her cat, of course!