My #Gamergate Video

I’ve been following this thing unenthusiastically for days now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must voice my opinion on Gamergate, Just like everyone else on the internet.

Publicity Photoshoot for Lysistrata











Here I am at a publicity photoshoot for the Actors’ Gang production of Lysistrata. I’m so excited to finally be on stage at the Actors’ Gang!

Follow me at Indiecade 2014

I know Indiecade was a little while ago, but it’s always good to get excited for next year!

A workshop with a guest teacher


Three sisters waiting for their lovers!

A Video Diary of my Trip to Paris

I pretty much shot all the stuff I liked and geeked out on in Paris. When, you know, I remembered to.

Avante Garde Photo Shoot


How I Play Video Games

Another video about how I play games. Do you do any of this?

Commedia del arte workshop


I played one of the lovers. Just simple, pretty stage makeup.

My Rambling about the new Godzilla movie

Marie Curie Costume